WildStar to Launch Bonus Beta Weekend Friday!

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As a big thank you to everyone who has supported WildStar over the years, WildStar team wants to invite you ALL to this exclusive beta weekend, open only to people who have registered for the beta or pre-ordered the game. The beta weekend will begin Friday April 25 at 7:00am PDT and end on Sunday April 27 at 11:59pm PDT.


Maybe you’ve never been to Nexus. Maybe you’ve visited, kicked some ass and are coming back for more. In any case, in addition to the level cap being raised to 25 here are five new things you HAVE to check out this weekend:

New Adventure – Northern Wilds

The Northern Wilds Adventure is a MOBA styled group content experience for you and four of your best buddies. Go out, take over the whole map and destroy the enemy base to win, but watch out for the defending faction. They’ll viciously fight to win, so come prepared to bring it.


The Dominion’s version of Alcatraz, Invading Alien scientists (that’ll dissect anything that moves), and a sunken ship filled with treasure-hungry Marauders are waiting for your arrival. Oh… and a nuclear teraformer explosion has unleashed brain controlling squid on the Exile and Dominion military forces. No big deal.


OMG Hoverboards!!!

Like Hoverboarding? Duh. Of course you do. Get your Hoverboard at a mount vendor in the capital city. Where we’re going, we won’t need roads. Or sidewalks. Or any ground for that matter really…

Abilities and AMPs

Get new abilities for your Limited Action Set and unlock more perks in our AMP system to make your combat style truly unique. Just like a snowflake… a beautiful, ass kicking snowflake.

More lore!

Unlock more clues to the history (and the disappearance) of the Eldan. Where did this hyper-advanced race go? What kind of technology and secrets are out there? Where can you get a solid space fish taco on Nexus? Get out there and find out, Spanky.

Since we will have such a high volume of emails going out, keys will be distributed from now through Thursday, so please be patient! See you on Nexus!

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