Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff: How to Unlock Every Character

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff features all of your favorite Family Guy characters in all of their favorite locations from the cartoon. The show has been cancelled and Quahog has been set on fire, so your goal is to unlock every character by building their favorite locations. Read on for the guide on how to get every character!


First off, every character has to be unlocked by building a certain building. The following are the buildings which correspond with the select character, and the district which they can be found in:

  • Peter Griffin: The Griffin House (district 1)
  • Quagmire: Quagmire’s House (district 1)
  • Chris Griffin: The Griffin House
  • Bonnie Swanson: The Swanson House (district 1)
  • Jerome: The Drunken Clam (district 2)
  • Bruce: The Founding Father (district 2)
  • Mort Goldman: Goldman’s Pharmacy (district 3)
  • Lois: The Stop ‘n Shop (district 3)
  • Joe: James Woods High (district 4)
  • Herbert: The Playground (district 4)
  • Meg: Quahog Oceanland (district 5)
  • Seamus: The Lighthouse (district 5)
  • Dr. Hartman: Quahog Hospital (district 6)
  • Brian: Quahog Public Library (district 6)
  • Tricia: PF Chinese (unknown)
  • Connie: We Heal You Long Time (unknown)
  • Stewie: Bob’s Funland (unknown)
  • Carter: Quahog Cinema (unknown)

NOTE: These four characters have yet to be programmed into the game, and Bob’s Funland and Quahog Cinema don’t even have an icon in the game yet (the hospital icon pops up behind the lock icon in the store). Expect them to either be inserted into a future District 7 or 8, or to be premium unlockables in the future.

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