The 'Ninja Volley 2' Competition Begins, Now Available on Google Play

By chanelluo Date: Apr 22 2014 Views:

Casual and hardcore ninjas looking for some serious reflexes training are once again invited to the annual NV League showdown, where many surprises await. Please bring your own katana. When you think about volleyball, you probably don't have little deadly ninjas in mind.


But ReixaCode have worked with their magic abilities and impossible physics for over 2 years now, crafting one of the most peculiar 2D gameplays on the Play Store and crossing genres with a rewarding attribute-based RPG system.


Today their most ambitious release yet - Ninja Volley 2 - has dropped the beta status and can finally be downloaded from all countries on compatible devices. The package includes pretty much everything our loyal playerbase has been asking for: hundreds of new customizations, 18 powerful special techniques to cast and combine, smoother touch/slide mechanics, randomly generated equipment upgrades, consumable items, improved AI for harder challenges and finally: ranked multiplayer matches over the Internet.


If you thought that word games against friends could get heated and messy, we would like to show you something quite different.


Ninja Volley 2 is fully enjoyable without in-app purchases nonsense. The base game is free, while an advanced 'Black Edition' (priced at 1.99€ or regional equivalent) can unlock several commodity features for dedicated players.


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