Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff: How to Get Free Clams and Coins

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff takes place after Quahog was destroyed in a random fire. Starting with Peter Griffin and Quagmire, your goal is to gradually rebuild all of Quahog, then rearrange it however you like. Coins and clams are the two currencies of the game, with clams being the rarer of the two, although both can be had as in-app purchases. Free is better, though. Read on to find out how to get more coins and clams!


Starting with the good stuff, here’s how to get more clams.

  • First, connect the game to Facebook, as this alone will earn you five clams for free.
  • Invite some friends on Facebook. Five invites makes for five free clams.
  • Complete quests. Many of the quests, premium ones especially, will earn you clams for completing them.
  • Check your Facebook friends’ Quahogs and complete tasks. These often earn you free clams, especially Ollieland’s version of Quahog.
  • Purchase 5 dollars worth of coins to get 130 free clams.
  • Complete any quest that has a picture of a white present with red wrapper next to it. These are the ones which will earn you clams.
  • Be stingy on spending your clams. Don’t use them to speed stuff up. Use them for worthwhile purchases such as a second builder or a premium character’s building.

Here’s some ways to get more coins:

  • Completing quests is probably the fastest way to earn a lot of coins.
  • If you’re actively playing the game, collect from buildings as often as possible, and complete short tasks, such as Chris’ “Find a new friend” over and over.
  • If you’re going to bed for the night or won’t be playing the game, set all of your characters to long-term tasks that earn coins cumulatively.
  • Build as many coin-earning buildings as possible (such as McBurgertowns and office buildings) to earn coins from them. Collect from them as frequently as possible.
  • Make even more room in your city for these buildings by removing the streets, then crowding the buildings as close together as possible to clear up free space.
  • Build the cheapest buildings so that you don’t spend a whole lot of coins, since there is no correllation between how expensive a building is and how many coins it earns you.
  • Build the buildings that take a short time to build (the original buildings in the game, usually) so that you can build loads of buildings quickly. Don’t worry, you can always stick them in the storage later if you want to make room in Quahog for something new.

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