Dungeon Crawler Monster Adventures Has Popped up on Android

By chanelluo Date: Apr 16 2014 Views:

Foursaken Media has ported Bronze Award-winning creature-grabbing dungeon delver Monster Adventures to Android, meaning Google gamers can get their hands on the mash-up of RPG styles.


We quite liked the iOS version when we reviewed it, saying "if you're after an action-RPG with element-based creatures, and don't mind some uninspired visuals and a whole lot of grind, then Monster Adventures is a solid purchase."

If that sounds like something that might stave off existential annihilation for a little while you can grab Monster Adventure from the Google Play Store right now for 60p / 99c.

And according to Foursaken, this isn't the only game it'll be transferring to the Google Play Store, with Heroes and Castles, Block Fortress, Block Fortress: War, and Bug Heroes 2 all slated to land on Android in the not-too-distant future. 

Play the game on Google Play!

Source: Pocket Gamer

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