Black Gold Online: The Necrotic Manipulator -- The Conjurers

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Black Gold Online unveiled a mage class on the Steampunk Side – The Conjurers, who fuse steam tech with powers of dark magic.

The Conjurers draw their power from beyond the grave, using enigmatic sorcery and steam technology to cast powerful spirit spells. They are excellent mid- to long-range mage class with continuous casting and flexible tactical moves. These unorthodox sorcerers are well-suited to command positions and managing the battlefield. With lighter defense and health, they are ideally used in support and for crowd-control, taking advantage of longer range.

【Available Races】Buvont, Lokemean

【Role Specialization】Ranged DPS, Crowd control

【Weapon of Choice】Staff, One-handed Scepter, Magic Bottle

【Armor Proficiency】Medium – Leather with light mail

【Class Trait】Conjurers have long range and high DPS casting, but cannot sustain prolonged fights alone. With lighter defense and health, they are susceptible to being physically overwhelmed. Ideally put in support position and crowd-controlling, taking advantage of their long range.

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