Tenth Weapon Arrives in Fantasy Frontier Sky Tower Update

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By chanelluoDate: Nov 21 2013 Views:


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When you guys are focusing on Aura Kingdom, the original Taiwan version of the game-- Fantasy Frontier has already launched lots of new contents. In the Sky Tower Holy King Patch 1.0, new class and new weapons are introduced. For those of you who are eager to find out the latest information of Fantasy Frontier, check out the Sky Tower TV commercial below:

Sky Tower Holy King Patch arrived in Taiwan server on October 16th with 40-man raid dungeon and new class loosely translated as Bladefist, according to MMO Culture, the 10th weapon has just been unveiled, translated directly as War Bow, the highlights include agility, as well as the ability to charge up while moving for a power shot, dealing an insane amount of burst damage.

Similar to other games, the War Bow will be 1 of the best form of ranged DPS in any parties. The Sky Tower dungeon will be increased from its maximum level 11 to 15 as well, with more boss and monsters to clear. The new levels drop level 65 gold gears as well as new costumes!



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