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As the second expansion for Age of Wushu -- Ultimate Scrolls is just around the corner, we are really honored to have this opportunity to make this interview with Snail Games, giving our readers a deep exploration of this new expansion. Ultimate Scrolls has arrived the Wushu world on 11/13/2013.


Q1: Glad to have this chance to have this interview with Snail Games. First of all, would you like to introduce yourself and your position with Snail Games?

A2: My name is Hao Han and I do Game Director with Snail. It’s so exciting to be surrounded by some of the most talented game developers in China and the world. Our studios are a beehive of activity, with our creative talent constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible in gaming. 

Q2: In the brand new Ultimate Scrolls expansion, what new feature will players see in Age of Wushu? Please give us an overall introduction to the expansion.

A2: The Ultimate Scrolls expansion brings something new to every school. We added eight forbidden instances to provide opportunities for players to seek advanced school skills. 
Other new features such as the Marriage System, Mastercraft Equipment, and Heart of the Devil Random Encounter are provided to significantly enrich the game content. 
One new feature worth mentioning are the Peerless Skills – the Sunflower Manual and Devour the Stars. These two fascinating internal skills are quite difficult to execute, but their effects are extremely powerful. 


Q3: As we reported last week, the Marriage System will be introduced to the world of Jianghu in this upcoming expansion. Our players may know some of its features from our previous reports on the Marriage System we got from the Chinese server. Is there any difference between the marriage system in the North American NA server and the Chinese server? 
A3: The marriage system on the North American server is exactly the same as on the Chinese server. 

Q4: What is the most anticipated part of the marriage system? What does it take for players to get married in Age of Wushu? Do the couples need to make money in the game or buy something in the cash shop?

A4: One of the most anticipated parts should be the new Married Couple Skill. Affinity value between the two players must reach 2000 and both lovers must be VIPs. They have a choice of wedding costumes, and can choose among three different wedding plans. Options are available to couples according to the luxury level of the wedding. Couples can receive different wedding costumes. 


Q5: Could you briefly introduce us to the Big Jianghu System in Ultimate Scrolls? How can players raise the value of moral alignment in PVP?

A5: On one hand, players who kidnap other players or score kills will gain Infamy points, and on the other hand, players who rescue players from kidnapping will gain good points. Players will also gain morality points when challenging the Martial Arts Club or attending forbidden instances if they participate in teams which have morality points. 

Q6: What is the Heart of the Devil Random Encounter? How can players trigger this event?

A6: The Heart of the Devil is a new mode of Random Encounter. Players get into their own heart space to fight against their own devil. Players may trigger the Heart of the Devil Random Encounter while gathering materials, doing daily quests or other non-specific activities. Every player can trigger this random encounter only once a day and only has 1 minute to decide whether they should enter. 


Q7: The most highly anticipated new feature is surely the Eight Forbidden Instances. Can players enter any of the eight instances or can they only enter the one for their own school?

A7: While players from all eight Schools may enter an instance, only players from a certain School that matches the given instance may activate the instance. 

Q8: What new skills have been brought to Age of Wushu? Are there advanced school skills introduced in this expansion?

A8: For this expansion, we brought every school a fourth skill, which are the advanced school skills. For example, Wudang has Tai Chi Fist, Shaolin has Dragon Claw, and Beggar’s Sect has Dog Beating Staff. 


Q9: "Roaming the Four Seas" is the new mode of PVE game play for solo players. Can you  give us more information about this mode?

A9: Roaming the Four Seas is a solo player PVE mode. When players choose this mode they will gain chances to challenge the Martial Arts Club. Players defeat the particular BOSS and receive special rewards, which offer effects to enhance players’ power. 

Q10: We are looking forward to the release of Ultimate Scrolls. Do you have some words for our MMOsite readers and community?

A10: We really appreciate MMOsite readers’ support. Ultimate Scrolls is a tiny part of the Wushu world which we brought to gamers. We are already preparing the next expansion and we believe the Ultimate Scrolls will bring players big challenges and multiple choices. We hope readers love it and keep supporting us in the future! 

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