Tree of Savior Details and Gameplay Video Revealed at G-Star 2013

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Tree of Savior, regarded as the real sequel of Ragnarok Online, was displayed at G-Star 2013 yesterday. A gameplay video was revealed which can be checked out below. It's a 3D cute MMORPG. There are 80 characters and 10 types of class advancements in the game, including hidden or rare characters. If you like collection and challenge, you will find a lot of fun from the game. Besides, the game world is made up of various themes and levels, existing more than 200 bosses. What's more, classes and skills can be customized and form different combinations.

Community engagement and social functions are the core for the game. Just like in Ragnarok Online, but it's more thorough than RO's. There are several kinds of chat rooms for players. They also can make 'adventure log' for themself to record all actions in the game. You can check out the original news in thisisgame for more screenshots of Tree of Savior.

Tree of Savior G-Star 2013

Tree of Savior G-Star 2013

Tree of Savior G-Star 2013

Tree of Savior G-Star 2013

Source: thisisgame

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