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October comes to its end, but I have to say this is really a harvest season for Asian MMOs, several highly anticipated Korean MMOs have kicked off beta tests, such as your beloved Black Desert, Icarus Online, Asta, Core Masters, Archlord 2. So in this month's Hello MMO, there's only few playable MMOs for your choice, but you can take it as an appreciation to see what kind of new games have showed off their highlights in October. Looking for the latest new MMO information? Don't forget to check out our New MMO Center! Now Just head to the point and check out the top 10 below:


NO.10  Dragon Sword (CN: Closed Beta)


Chinese game company Netease will launch the non-wipe beta test for their self-developed non-target and open world action combat MMO -- Dragon Sword on Nov.6th. With new content suspection on the official website, five of the nine features have been showed, including the introducion of the faction, action, PvP, skill and PvE. Interested gamers can watch the five-minute trailer to get an overview of Dragon Sword!


NO.9  Archlord 2(KR-Launched, NA-2014)

The medieval fantasy MMORPG Archlord 2 was just officially launched in Korea on Oct 17th, the game developed by Webzen seems to be the latest MMORPG headed to the West, Archlord 2 will be launched in NA, EU, and South America sometime in 2014. Even though the game is highly anticipated, lots of the problems occured during the launch time made the players quite annoyed, including logging problem, lag, being forced to buy items, hacking, in-game bugs, etc.

Archlord 2 is highly focused on PvP, with individual players able to rise to the status of supreme ruler and govern over the game’s economy as they see fit. Archlord 2 appears to be retaining that same system while also boasting 40 massive battlefields where realms will clash with other realms. Small-scale PvP modes and castle siege are also on the table as is an extensive amount of PvE, including dungeons filled with giant monstrosities. Players will be able to side with one of two factions initially and choose from three unique races. Additional races and content are planned for future release.

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