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Sushi Clickers is a new kawaii-loaded followup to Cookie Clickers for the iOS platform. Your goal in this game is simply to tap the egg as much as possible to make as much sushi and earn as much Maki as possible. Walkthrough of playing Sushi Clickers kawaii game.

Sushi Clickers Tips and Tricks Guide

a. Make more sushi to earn more maki as the premium currency of this game

All you have to do in this game is to make as much sushi by simply tapping the egg as much as possible then earn as much Maki as possible for every sushi you have made.

If you can make more sushi, you will be able to purchase power ups to make sushi automatically. According to this circumstance, the first power up that you should have for initial move is the power clicker power-up. Using the power-clicker power up will double the value of every click at first. Moreover, the next upgrade will increase a 4 times multiplier for every click, then the next one will increase an 8 times multiplier for every click, and so on and so forth.

Doing all that action will be the fastest way to load up on Maki, so that you can buy every other power up much more quickly.

b. Increase so much sushi production with your phone`s setting

In order to make a bunch of sushi in a quick time, you can set time and date of your device. Now go to the settings on your iPhone, go to general, and shut off the "Auto-Lock" feature. Afterward, you can leave the game on indefinitely when you are not using your phone so that you can earn automatic sushi while being in offline mode.

The other method to make more sushi is simply tap those sushi displayed on screen with 2 to 4 fingers at a time whereby you will be able to earn sushi extremely quickly. Besides earning more sushi, you can also fill up the multiplier bonus. In line with this, you can put your phone either on your lap or on a desk then use your two index fingers, or your two index and middle fingers when tapping those sushi on screen.

Moreover, try to do super quick taps with your thumb while holding the phone with your other fingers, and see the result. Just do the given methods like using all of your hands fingers to make more sushi as much as you can.

c. Complete goal to make as many maki as you can

In the beginning of the game, you will be assigned to complete the goal that is to make as many maki as you can by clicking or tapping on a giant Onigiri in a quick time. Once collecting enough maki, you can go to the shop and use your maki to buy power up for upgrades in which it will get to you to make such as an extraordinary amount of maki quickly.

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