Battle Camp Evolution Guide: How to Evolve Your Monsters

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Battle Camp is a new puzzle RPG with many elements of a card battling game just to make things extra interesting. Monster fusion and monster evolution are two of the biggest ones, but while fusion is easy to figure out how to do, evolution is a little more esoteric, and meeting the requirements are much tougher. Read on for the guide on how to evolve your monsters!

Battle Camp Evolution Guide: How to Evolve Your Monsters

Not every monster that you catch will be able to evolve. To figure out which monsters can evolve, you have to go to the monster management screen and tap on each of your monsters. If there is an "evolve" button right next to the "fuse" button, then that's an indicator that you can evolve that monster. Typically, only one-star rarity or higher monsters will be able to evolve.

Next, pick out the monster that you want to evolve. You have to use fusion in order to get that monster leveled up, because each monster has a minimum level that they can be evolved at. First, though, make sure that you aren't using the sacrifice monsters that are required to evolve your monster. Typically, these will be the most basic type of monsters that are the same element as your evolution-enabled monster. You can find these at the camp.

Catch the required monsters for an evolution. Most of the time, the required monster will be at the camp; however, sometimes they will be at other areas, such as teepee hollow. If you don't know where they're at, go to all of the different areas and look around each area to see which of the monster avatars are running around. Look for your monster and if it's not there, then move onto a different area.

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