Powerful Warrior Stormcaller Invades Atlantica Online

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A new class -- Stormcaller, has just been added to strategic turn-based MMORPG Atlantica Online's lineup. The Stormcaller is a powerful warrior whose mastery of the whip and lightning magic make her a force to be reckoned with. She can channel lightning through her whip, delivering excruciating lashings to all enemies, and her basic attacks can deal extra electrical damage.  

After defeating enough adversaries, the Stormcaller can temporarily transform into a Goddess of Lightning, getting a boost to stats and unlocking two additional spells. As the Goddess of Lightning, the Stormcaller can call upon Divine Thunder to smite her opponents multiple times and summon holy storms to deal heavy damage to the entire enemy formation. 


Along with the new class, Atlantica Onlne players can also experience the new Time Rift Dungeon, overdrive skill and whip weapon. 


Interested gamers can head for the official website to leanrn more about Stormcaller.

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