FIFA 14 Defending Hints & Tips: Standing Tackles

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Standing tackles

The tips for this area of the game are fairly limited as the need to press the tackle button is fairly non - existent. Many of you will press the tackle button but honestly, you don't need to and this is a mistake we see many people making. Using contain and jockey will auto block the ball and tackle when you get clo se enough to the ball.

Having said this, the best time to use the tackle button is face on with the attacker. Never press the tackle button in the box, well, only as a last resort as this is how soft penalties are brought about.

This is not to say that the standing tackle/push and pull button is useless and could be used as a different function by EA Sports, far from it. Read our push and pull tips further into our defending tips as this is a crucial part of being a top defender.

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