Samurai Siege Guide: Cheats, Tips and Hints

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Samurai Siege is a new strategy war game for the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay will be instantly familiar to those familiar with Clash of Clans and Jungle Heat, except that Samurai Siege is set in a Feudal Japan setting, and your characters consist of various forms of samurai, ninjas, and even many mythological figures. Your goal is to turn your base into a well oiled machine that produces Jade Coins and Essence, power up your defensive buildings, and train a huge military to go up against other players and to quest through the surprisingly well-sorted-out story mode. Read on for some tips and tricks for Samurai Siege!

There is almost always a maximum building number and upgrade level for your market, your essence well, your coin vault and your essence storage. Upgrade your castle to increase the maximum number of buildings and upgrade levels. Get enough of them and you'll eventually be able to earn so many resources that you won't even need to battle.

Battling is all a part of the fun, though, so for an easy way to get resources, first, make sure that you have Ninjas unlocked. Then, send an army consisting of nothing but Ninjas out to battle in the PvP mode. They are extremely fast, they do a lot of damage and they automatically target resources, so you'll come off of every battle with a huge quantity of resource loot.

Being able to send in a large number of troops is just as important as what kind of troops you send in, so upgrade your Practice Yard, build new Practice Yards and upgrade those too as soon as you can. You won't always need to send all of your troops in (if you play someone with weak defenses, then you especially won't), and if you can avoid it, it's best to avoid sending them all in because they are expended whether they die or not. However, send them all in for tough battles.

Walls are disproportionately tough to break through in this game, compared to similar games, and your troops are dumb and will target any wall that's in front of them, even when they can simply go around. Send your troops in all in one place so that they can break through the walls faster. If the walls are weak or full of holes, then send them in all around the board so that they will avoid cannon blasts and bombs, and so that they will finish the battle quicker.

Set up your base for defense by placing all of your buildings as close together as possible. Do this so that you can surround more buildings with walls, and so that your defensive towers will be able to protect more buildings at a time. Place your non-resource buildings, such as your Dojos and your Practice Yards, outside of your resource producing buildings, and place your castle directly in the center, so that enemy troops won't target your resource buildings right away and will target your castle last.

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