G-Star 2013 Announced Exhibitor List and Other Details

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On the 11th, a press release of G-Star 2013 was revealed at official site, detailing the status of G-Star this year, such as booth growth, exhibition date, exhibitors etc. We should note that NCsoft and Wemade doesn't participate this G-Star. Currently, it seems that NCsoft is focusing on the Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 in China. While Wemade doesn't have new titles to revealed besides Icarus which has entered final Closed Beta on Oct 10th. And what the ecdemic exhibitors like ChangYou, Tencent, Ubisoft etc, will show to us is anticipated. You can check out the press release below.

Consolidated the foundation for the Globalization as foreign companies' participation increased

On the 11th, the Korea Internet Digital Entertainment Association (President - NAM KYUNG PIL, hereinafter called K-IDEA) and the G-Star Secretariat announced the progress of G-Star 2013 exhibition. With 2,261 booths, which have shown 7.1% growth compared to the previous year, G-Star 2013 is planning to open with the largest scale of booths.

G-Star 2013 will open on November 14th (Thursday) at Busan Bexco and will be hosted by K-IDEA, managed by G-Star Organizing Committee, supported by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, and with Busan Metropolitan City serving as the host city.

"Grown to be the largest business market in Asia"

G-Star 2013 consists B2C(26,000㎡ net) and B2B(18,000㎡ net) zone. Particularly, B2B zone will be the largest ever in history with 1,026 booths, with an increase of 41.3% from 726 booths in 2012. The exhibitions space is 18,000㎡, which has expanded 4,800㎡ from the previous year's 13,200㎡. The domestic exhibitors include companies such as Nexon, Neowiz Games, NHNent, Incross, Kakao, ActozSoft, SmileGate, Naver, CJ E&M, Gameville, and the foreign companies such as ChuKong, Sega,, Tencent, Gameforge, Netease, COG and Ubisoft are participating.

"A vast expansion of G-Star investment market and G-star conference for the start-up enterprises"

G-Star investment market, in which 26 investment companies and 22 small to mid-size companies participated in Year '12, will be expanded sharply this year. As the trend in the game market changes to mobile, the association separately prepares the G-Star investment market for the start-up enterprises, which were unable to secure booths at B2B Exhibition. Accordingly, in this year's investment market, more than 40 investors and publishers are planning to provide investment and publishing consultations to more than 50 small to mid-sized business owners and start-up enterprises.

On the other hand, the G-star Conference, which took place with 5 sessions last year, grew the scale of the event this year with 30 sessions. In particular, this plans to grow as G-Star's main event, as global companies such as Google, YouTube, DeNA, and Oculus are planning to give lectures.

G-Star 2013

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