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  • Deer Hunter 2014 Shotgun Guide

    Here's the look at all of the shotguns available in Deer Hunter 2014, and which ones are most likely to save your skin.

    Mon Oct 21 2013 More>>

  • Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats And Tips: Assault Rifle Guide

    If you prefer to take more of a spray-and-pray approach to one-sided combat in Deer Hunter 2014, you're probably in the market for a good old-fashioned assault rifle. Here's a closer look at each one available in the game, and which ones are worth your money.

    Thurs Oct 17 2013 More>>

  • Deer Hunter 2014 Video Walkthrough 1-18

    Hunting season is officially upon us. Although we avoid killing animals for sport, we're more than happy to slaughter virtual critters in Deer Hunter 2014. Glu Games' sequel features a variety of high-powered weapons and plenty of targets, from harmless deer to ferocious grizzly bears. That said, we have video walkthroughs of the game's kills. With this in mind, check out the first five below.

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  • Deer Hunter 2014 Complete Guide: Rifle

    A solid rifle is the backbone of any successful hunting expedition in Deer Hunter 2014. Here's a look at each of the rifles available from the shop, and which ones are worth spending that hard-earned cash on.

    Wed Oct 16 2013 More>>

  • Deer Hunter 2014 Weapons Guide

    There are lots of weapons available for your hunting at the weapon shop in Deer Hunter 2014. The weapons are divided into 4 categories, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. Some of these weapons are premium and can only be obtained with gold.

    Tues Oct 15 2013 More>>

  • Deer Hunter 2014 Animals Guide

    Lots of animals are awaiting for you in the wild. Some of them, like the Mule Deer or the White tail deer will simply run away if you don't get to kill them in a single shot. Others though, like the Wold, Grizzly or Wolverine will turn around and try to kill you. If you allow them to get close enough you will get a great chance of wiping them out with the shotgun.

    Tues Oct 15 2013 More>>

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