Shadow of Eclipse: The Cross-Platform RPG To Arrive NA and EU Soon

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Shadow of Eclipse is an integrated multi-platform game that guarantees gamers a perfect gaming platform both on the desk and on the way. You can not only play the game via browser directly, but also play it on Android and iOS phones, tablets and portable devices. It took the developer, Ntiq Games, a whopping 3 years to create this high quality tactics RPG World. The Japanese version has been launched in August 2013, English version will soon be available to answer the calls around the World.

Shadow of Eclipse Skills Shadow of Eclipse Skills Shadow of Eclipse Skills

Many of those who have played Shadow of Eclipse are reminded of the Final Fantasy Tactics series, because both of these are so-called "tactics games" that contain quality contents to match those of client MMORPGs, thereby satisfying both mid & hardcore gamers.

Shadow of Eclipse Inventory

The main objective of the game is to keep increasing the level of your avatar in the setting of an action packed storyline as well as taming any monsters they encounter during the battle. Just like avatars, monsters can also increase their level by engaging in battles.

Players are also given the option to take full advantage of the upgrade and evolution systems to create their own monsters that have distinctive appearances and abilities. Basically, the monsters can be used as loyal mercenaries that will aid the avatar in the battle. Players will find it noteworthy that they can also tame and level up their monsters.

Shadow of Eclipse Monster Upgrade Shadow of Eclipse Monster Upgrade Shadow of Eclipse Monster Upgrade

Many of you will wonder, "Do tactics games only offer a single player mode?" The answer to your question is a resounding, "No!"

Even in tactics games, you can team up with other players to clear high level dungeons and collect items. All of which will lead you to a higher chance of obtaining a great set of items. Also, challenging powerful monsters makes it easier to accumulate a variety of numerous materials with which to create new items.

Shadow of Eclipse Team Play

A PvP arena is also available as End Content so that gamers can compete against each other. Gamers can choose to use the Async PvP mode to compete with other similar or higher ranking players asynchronously.

Shadow of Eclipse Async PvP Shadow of Eclipse PvP

The game also comes with a raid system, which enables you to team up with other gamers to clear dungeons and slay the strong and powerful boss monsters. The next update to follow will be the clan (guild) battle.

One of the most outstanding features of is that it's an integrated multi-platform game. It allows gamers to play on their mobile and tablet devices as well as on their PC. This flawless cross-platform makes it possible to play the game anytime and anywhere. This means that gamers can play with or against their friends on the same server, regardless of the platform.

Shadow of Eclipse Cross-platform Shadow of Eclipse Cross-platform Shadow of Eclipse Cross-platform

Although the game has yet to be promoted in English speaking countries, thousands have commented on various community sites that they want an English version of game to be released. Ntiq Games has heard your requests and will soon be fulfilling the wishes of thousands of gamers around the world by launching in the USA and Europe, in addition to Japan! For more info about the game, please stay tuned!

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