FIFA 14 Cheats & Tips: Get More Coins and Points

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a. Make some coins cash through the transfer of the players

In order to make a nice pile of cash in FIFA 14, just play with the pretty weak teams as they can easily be taken down with some clever footwork. Afterward, concentrate on passing the ball back, forth and around as quickly as possible, and towards players in open space.

FIFA 14 Cheats & Tips: Get More Coins and Points

Doing that action will throw the AI into enough confusion that you will do a clear shot on goal very quickly then repeat to take home the early honors.

In addition, in the way of making money in FIFA 14, you can sell your unneeded player to the other team in for sale area

b. Strategy to play every match with other team

Playing FIFA 14 will be the same as playing the real football, as you will play fairly in order to avoid a yellow or a red card in the game.

FIFA 14 Cheats & Tips: Get More Coins and Points

In the field, you can place your player ahead of the ball-carrier in a better position, or switch with a tap to a player ahead and bring them forward for a precision tackle. Make your player sprint along the pitch by holding down anywhere on the screen, and move your finger gently up and down the screen to shift direction.

Be sure not to just pass directly to a player but consider tapping just ahead of the recipients so that they run into space and get ahead of any opposing players who might be jostling their way into position.

To win the match, try making a precision shot for having goal scores. So just aim a straight and consider precision shot with average power into the corners to fox the average AI goalkeeper.

FIFA 14 Cheats & Tips: Get More Coins and Points

c. Manage your ultimate team with the best players

When starting Ultimate Team, you will get a mini Gold pack and be sure not to go for a match until your squad has been optimized basically. Place your players with the highest rating with a green boot icon on the pitch position, and the best of the rest are on your subs bench.

So make sure to move the best remaining players onto your substitution bench after optimizing your starting eleven as your players will get sent off and injuries get picked up.

If you have enough cash, yo can purchase gold, silver and bronze card pack to strengthen your squad. Thus, the more expensive they are, the better the players you get in exchange.

Complete some early objectives setting in Ultimate Team, as these can be a great way of getting hold of some cash for initial stunt.

To support your player performing better on the pitch, you can try improving your team’s chemistry that is as a great starting point to have a chance of accomplishing and collecting early objective reward currency of this game.

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