CastleVille Legends Guide: Get More Free Coins & Crowns

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Coins are the main form of currency in CastleVille Legends, while Crowns are the premium currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

CastleVille Legends Guide: Get More Free Coins & Crowns

How to Get More Free Coins

One way to earn more coins, which is the first method that you learn in CastleVille Legends, is to craft, grow, or create items, and then sell them to Myra. She is in the market for only certain items at a time, but it is best to keep a large stash of items on you in order to have a lot of items to sell her. She will pay you market price for items.

Once you get to level five, you will be able to use Sea Trading to sell items to your friends, and to random people on Facebook. You will be able to choose the price on the items that you ship, meaning that you can make a bigger profit if you are willing to wait a bit longer for people to buy your goods.

In fact, you can buy low and sell high in Sea Trading. There is a limit as to how much profit you can make because there is a limit as to how far above or below market value that the items can be set at, but if you buy low, then sell high, then you can make an easy profit (although not a big a profit as crafting a product, then selling it).

How to Get More Free Crowns

You can earn coins by completing quests, as well, or by having your heroes explore the ancient buildings. Your main free way to earn crowns is to open treasure chests. Every so often, at random times, when you open a treasure chest you will earn free crowns.

Other than that, you have to buy crowns in order to get them, since this is the premium item of CastleVille Legends, although oftentimes, you can earn crowns from some of the quests.

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