Monster Hunter Online Second Beta Preview: New Gameplay Modes

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More info of Monster Hunter Online second beta is coming. I know that the info might be annoying and useless for some gamers since they think they aren't able to play the beta. In my opioion, it's better than no news. At least we'll find what kind of game that Monster Hunter Online exactly is according to the info. The interested gamers can keep reading. In the second beta, not only new areas will be unlocked, but also some new gameplay modes. This article is just a preview about the upcoming modes.

1. Limiting Trial

It's not hard for a hunter to knock a monter down. But it won't be easy to defeat one under limiting conditions. In this brand-new mode, hunters will have a chance like that to finish some special challenges. And challenge goal is not only to knock a monster down. There are more types of indicators, such as destroy a monster's specific body parts, crusade against a monster in limited time. Does it sounds more fun for you when hunt monsters?

Monster Hunter Online Second Beta New Gameplay Modes
New Trial, New Goal

2. Interesting Trial

It's boring if you can only hunt monster in game everyday. So some interesting quests will be added to second beta. The quests' target isn't about monsters. However, the details hasn't been unveiled. All we know so far is the quests aren't easy to complete. It still needs players' skillful control.

Monster Hunter Online Second Beta New Gameplay Modes
New Maps, New Fun

3. Continuous Trial

The most classic mode will be back. Besides fighting against one or two monsters in every challenge, hunters and their companions will have to face with the threats of continuously appearing monsters. Fortunately, each of the monster will not have high HP. But it doesn't means that it will be easier to clear them. For a qualified hunter, to know how to choose general weapons and tactics to deal with different monsters is more important.

Monster Hunter Online Second Beta New Gameplay Modes
The classic mode is back

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