Star Wars Force Collection: How to Get More Rare Cards

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Star Wars Force Collection is a new CCG for the iOS and Android platforms. You are going to do a lot of missions, but the real meat of the game comes in battling against other players, and in participating in the event battles. Rival players and raid bosses are both going to be the toughest thing you face in the game, which is why you cannot get by with just one-star and two-star cards. Thus, read on to find out how to get more rare (three, four and five) star cards!

One of the simplest ways to get at least a three-star card is to evolve a card of at least two stars to its maximum evolution level. For example, if you evolve a two star card to its maximum evolution level, the card will become a three star card. Evolve three stars all the way and it will turn into a four star card.

In the goals menu, you'll find a large list of quests that you can do. Many of these quests will earn you silver and gold card packs. These specialty card packs will have a much higher chance of earning you three, four, and five star cards. Gold card packs, especially, will usually earn you a three star card, at minimum.

There are always various events going on. Participate in the event as much as possible, because usually, the event reward will consist of rare card packs or rare cards, and even if you aren't yet strong enough to beat the tougher raid bosses, beat the ones that you can and go as far as you can in the event quests.

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