Where's My Water? 2 Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

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Where's My Water? 2 retains the original's charm. It introduces diabolical challenges, some of which you'll need to play through more than once to find everything. Here are some tips that will keep things flowing smoothly.

Where's My Water? 2 Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

-You don't need every drop of water to reach the alligator, just enough to fill the pipe and satisfy its needs. For instance, in Level 3: Split Second Decision, spare a little water to collect the duck near a pit, while sending the rest towards the pipe. A little spillage goes a long way when it comes to collecting every duck.

-With Where's My Water? 2, you might think starting from the top and working your way to the bottom is ideal. With some levels, though, it actually helps to dig your route from the bottom and work your way up.

Where's My Water? 2 Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

This tactic comes into play in Level 4: Floodgate, where you need to avoid the ducks at all cost. Plan a route so water doesn't splash the duck in the upper right corner - but you also don't want to have it spilling over the side, where another duck is waiting. Dig a path on both the right side and the left to the other transport gate, so that water reaches both sides. From there, dig a dual path at the top to open the first transport gate and a path for the water to go. Do it right and it'll pour into the waiting pipe, without touching any ducks.

-With the new Duck Rush stages, you'll actually need to keep digging to prevent the water from reaching the top, where it falls out of view. To do this, dig as wide a path as possible so that the water remains level, then divide it up so you collect the six scattered ducks. This type of stage may take more than one try to get through, but there's no penalty, aside from refilling your energy.

Where's My Water? 2 Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

-Unlocking ducks and completing challenges does more than unlock new stages in the game. You'll also earn special themed ducks, such as an astronaut, a gladiator and more. You'll collect little knick-knacks, including a flamingo and a garden gnome. They're mostly for show, but these items represent something to shoot for.

-Power-ups are available throughout Where's My Water? 2. There's the Vacuum, which "sucks" water towards ducks; the Dropper, which fills up most ducks with water already, so they only require one drop to be picked up; and the Absorber, which makes ducks immune to toxic liquids for one turn. They're helpful if you're stuck in a level, but you only receive so many for free. After that, you'll need to buy more for $.99 per turn; the epitome of a last resort.

-Before you spend money on extra energy, remember you can ask Facebook friends for help, which will save money in the long run. Your first refill is free for signing up, and others come easily with friend requests.

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