Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Introduces Gear Score

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Final Fantasy XIV community has unveiled gear score in forum yesterday, informing players that gear-locked content will be incoming soon. The post says development team is aware that there are times when you cannot participate in content so easily and without worry, and they will let you know future countermeasures they've planned to address this.

1. Significantly reduce repair fees and the cost of dark matter
While the focus will be placed on high-levels, we will be significantly lowering the overall fees for repair and the cost of dark matter.
2. Addition of item level requirements for high-level dungeon participation
We'll be adding a requirement to participate in high-level dungeons and hard mode primal battles that will make it so you need to have equipment above a certain item level equipped to participate. To coincide with this, we will be implementing a system that will display the average item level for your gear in the character window.
3. Addition of a party recruitment window
We'll be implementing a bulletin board type of system where you can recruit party members that are only on your world. When recruiting, you can indicate the dungeon you would like to do, the roles you are looking to recruit, the levels, etc. (We'll be announcing the details soon.)

The team will be addressing #1 after the maintenance tomorrow, and #2 and #3 will be implemented after patch 2.1.  

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Forum

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