A New Sandbox MMORPG - Neo's Land is During Funding Period on Kickstarter

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Another new MMORPG that under development is asking for players' support. Calgary-based NeoJac Entertainment has headed to Kickstarters to raise funding for its new sandbox project: Neo's Land.

The same as most of other sandbox games, Neo's Land provide players a chance to create their own world in game. They can build houses, develope industry and economy etc. The game is developed with Atavism and Unity3D engine. Check here to know the details. Here are the listed features at official site:

Land Ownership
Players can purchase land tiles, which will be zoned for: Housing, Industrial and Commercial.

Non-instanced Buildings
All buildings are non-instanced. You can walk into a building if you want to have a rest. Of course, other players can, too. And buildings are constructed by using walls, floors, roofs, stairs, etc with skill, blue prints, resources and allowance of time.

Instanced Player Own Dungeon
This sounds interesting for me. The official says players can own or build their own dungeon. The dungeon can be opened to others, and if someone clear the dungeon, the dungeon owner could get some loot as well.

Neo's Land

Player Driven Economy
There is no auction in Neo's Land. Players need to travel to the locations of shops to trade. So they also need to consider how to move the items to other places. The game provides several means of transport. No matter you are poor or rich, there is one suitable for you.

Classless Skill System and No Levels
The growth of characters depends on Affinity Skill Based System but not levels or classes.

Player Combat
It has both PvP and PvE content. Players even can buy insurance for the items they do not want to lose. Some areas will not be allowed to PvP.

All of these are not finalized. If you have any idea about the game, you can participate game's round tables to share your thoughts. Visit the Kickstarter page and official site if you want to know more about the game.

Reference: Official Site, Kickstarter

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