Star Wars Force Collection Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Star Wars Force Collection is a brand new card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay will immediately be familiar to anyone who has played Magic: The Gathering, or who has played one of the many mobile card battlers such as Rage of Bahamut or Ayakashi Ghost Guild, in that your goal is to build the strongest card pack possible using Jedi, Sith and neutral cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars Force Collection!

The first thing that you should do in the game is to maximize the number of allies that you have. Go to the ally screen and send random ally requests until you can send no more. Check requests that people have sent to you and then accept them. Not only do you have more chances for ally points, you will also earn mystery gift boxes for every ally that you gain, and every time that you fill the bar at the top of the screen by sending messages to your allies.

Set your offense and defense decks to "automati" to always have the statistical best team available, but if you are learning to either the light side of the dark side of the force, change your cards around so that your entire team is with the side that you lean towards. This will give significant stat bonuses to your corresponding cards.

At level 5, you'll unlock the ability to enhance your cards using credits. At level 8, you get evolution. Use the credits that you earn to enhance your rarest cards, especially your leader card. Enhance cards fairly evenly if you are mainly enhancing for the purpose of winning PvP battles, but if there is a boss battle that you can't beat, enhance your leader card primarily.

If you want to do as much questing as possible without running out of energy, use your stat points to enhance your energy, so that you continuously gain levels before running out. If, however, you want to beat other players in PvP mode more, than enhance your CAP with your stat points, so that you can load up your formation with more cards, and more powerful cards.

In battles, mainly target those who have a lower card cap than you do, because their formation will most likely be less powerful than yours. Levels don't matter much, because a player who is a higher level, but a has a lower card cap, will still usually have a weaker card formation.

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