EVE Online's Lead Designer Moves To Riot Games

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It's hard for one to do a same thing forever. Everyone wants to do something new to improve himself/herself, or maybe for other kinds of reasons. This time, after working as the lead designer over five years in CPP for EVE Online, Kristoffer Touborg is moving to Riot Games to work on project League of Legends.

Kristoffer Touborg EVE Online League of Legends

Kristoffer Touborg made a post on his Facebook page for this:

More than half a decade ago, I packed my bags and moved to Iceland to work for CCP. It's been an incredible five years, working for a company I love, on a game I love. Not a lot of people get that opportunity, but I did and I'll always be grateful that CCP let me work at a place where I'd get up every morning and be happy to go to work.

You can't do the same thing forever though and I feel like after more than five years, it's time to try something new. So I'm packing my bags again and moving to Dublin, where I'll be joining Riot games to work on League of Legends.

I feel a bit lucky that I get to work on not just one of my favorite games, but two of them. I don't think I could have asked for anything more and it's pretty humbling to go from one love to another. A few years ago, my overwhelming interest was the EVE universe; now it's League of Legends and the competitive scene there. To everyone at CCP, it's been wonderful and I would happily do it all over again. To everyone at Riot, I'll see you soon.

During the five years in CCP, Kristoffer Touborg launched more than 10 expansions for EVE Online. Although we have no idea about what exactly he will do for League of Legends, we are expecting to see the things he will bring to the game.

Source: Polygon

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