TERA Dungeon Assault Update to Arrive Sep 10th With New Dungeons, Game Modes, Bosses, and More

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Just wait until next week on Sep. 10th, players will be able to experience a bunch of new content in TERA: Rising. En Masse Entertainment has announced to release four all-new dungeons along with epic bosses, new game modes and elite gear for Tera. The update is called Dungeon Assault in which you'll see massive beasts take over an ancient aqueduct in the Veritas District, a merchant fleet run aground off the Jagged Coast, and a lethally whimsical castle magically appear in Balder's Refuge. The challenges and mysteries are awaiting you. Level up Conjunct, Visionmaker, and Bloodrave armor sets and start your adventure in the new game world.

Tera new 4 dungeons

Now let's take a brief look at the 4 new dungeons:

Wonderholme — 10-Player Trip Down the Rabbit-Hole

Wonderholme is riddled with deadly bosses and environmental hazards. Cooperate with your party to defeat the Bandersnatch, rescue the researcher, and reap the rewards. Tackle it in hard mode for even better loot!


Channelworks — 3-Player Water Fight

Battle through fiendish traps and bosses to face Kerkion and uncover the hidden treasure of the Channelworks—with automatons providing assistance.


Kezzel's Gorge — 7-Player Tower Defense

Kezzel the giant lumbers through a narrow gorge, crushing everything in his path. Make strategic use of cannons and environmental traps to stop him from following the caravan up the gorge and into their fortress. Substantial rewards await you.


Shattered Fleet — 5-Player BAM Beatdown

Each ship has been ruthlessly overtaken by BAMs that you and your party must defeat while advancing through the unstable wreckage. Defeat Barbosa and his crew to recover the cargo, and claim rare drops and Zenith treasure chests as your prize.

Visit the official Dungeon Assault page for the detailed info of epic gear and Zenith treasure of the update.

Source: Official Site

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