Jelly Splash Tips & Tricks to Keep Splashing

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Here share with you a complete set of Jelly Spash cheats, tips and tricks to help you beat each level and get as close as possible to getting that 3 star high score.

Jelly Splash Tips & Tricks

Add friends

It might sound strange to start with this tip, but you will need the help of your friends to proceed to new areas after level 43, so you need to add friends in order to keep playing. So make sure you add them early on in order to keep playing without any major interruptions. Also, friends can give you extra lives, so it’s always worth having as many as possible.

Start matches at the bottom

Unless you really have to remove mushrooms or slime guards at the top of the board, it’s a great idea to try and match jellies at the bottom because as new jellies will refill the board, new matches will be made and more will be cleared. This is a good strategy especially when you have boards with dark jellies at the top and bottom: focus at the bottom and you will most likely complete the top as you go.

Always go for long matches

Try to match as many jellies as possible to increase the chances of getting special jellies and to increase the score you receive per jelly cleared. Sometimes, a bit of planning will do wonders to your high score: clear jellies of a single color first then create a humongous line of jellies.

Use the special jellies to your advantage

The nice thing about super jellies is that they clear an entire row where you complete your move, so play a little bit with the positioning and order of clearing the jellies to make sure you put them to great use.

How to easily free captured jellies

I have had major headaches from a level that had me free a jelly in just a few moves but eventually I made it, after finding out that special jellies, if their ray hits the jelly you have to free, will count as 5 jellies. So keep that in mind, create the chains and blast them through the jelly you have to free. I managed to complete that level without spending coins on it, so it is possible!

Always maximize the number of jellies on board

Some stages will have mushrooms that block the way and give you empty squares. Try to remove the mushrooms as fast as possible to fill the board: the more jellies you have, the more possible combinations you have and bigger chances for those huge chains!

Optimize for as few moves as possible

One of my mistakes early on was to drag completing the level because I thought that my long chains give me more points than what I would get from the Splash Bonuses. This is generally not true and it’s always better score-wise to complete a level with as many moves left as possible.

Plan your moves

It’s pretty difficult to have a long term strategy per level and anticipate the drops, but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan and not start matching up jellies as you see them. Take a few seconds to check out the board, make a plan and try to stick to it. If you play the game randomly, you will most likely fail a lot more often than others.

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