Shanda Will Be Publishing Dragon Nest Europe

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Recently, Dragon Nest Europe is in a transitional phase. From September on, Shanda Games International Europe GmbH will be stepping up to publish Dragon Nest in Europe indstead of eFusion. It seems that the Chinese game giant is expanding the international market since the purchase of Dragon Nest develop company Eyedentity.

At the moment, the current publisher is still hosting the service and Shanda is setting up everything for a smooth handover. Players' accounts will be transferred from the current publisher to Shanda. All your accounts, characters and items are saved and will be transferred. In the future, you can still play with the same accounts you have been using before.

There will be a new forum when Shanda takes over Dragon Nest Europe. And the French and the German version are scheduled to be back in the end of September. Stay tuned to get the latest movement of Dragone Nest EU. You can head for the official website to get more information.

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