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At the last moment of August, we prepare you with the hot new MMOs announced this month. Looking for some new adventures to exlopre? Here you comes to the right place, now take your time to check out the August New MMO Collection, feel free to leave your comments about your favorite game!


NO.10  God of Destiny

Gamescom Wayi Entertainment God of Destiny

Just announced by Taiwanese Wayi Entertainment at Gamescom this year, God of Destiny is a MOBA based on eastern fantasy and self-developed engine which costs the team 3 years to develop. The devs want to show players a game with good balance, fluency and exquisite graphics. In addition, the game adds RPG maps for providing abundant gameplay content to players. The heroes in God of Destiny all are from Journey to the West, a Chinese classical novel. Check out the game trailer below to know the game better!


NO.9   Dead Island: Epidemic

MOBA market seems to be growing rapidly in recent years, see, zombies are also invading the MOBA market in the brand new ZOMBA - Dead Island: Epidemic, which is a Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena. Deep Sliver promised players that Epidemic would carry over many of the recognizable traits from the original series.

The new free-to-play ZOMBA is set in the same world as Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide and will pit 3 teams of players against each other in a fight to survive in a battle that will no doubt include flesh-eating zombies at some point.

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