Candy Crush Saga: How to Win Without Spending Money

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Anyone who plays Candy Crush Saga eventually comes to the realization that the best things cost money, from the impressive Charms to Boosts that make the game a heck of a lot easier. Want to beat the game without coughing up the dough? Consider this.

Candy Crush Saga Win Cheats

Grind Out The Victory

Every puzzle is different each time you play, instantly killing video walkthroughs on how to beat specific levels. Since the developers randomize the candies, it's possible to receive a disappointing assortment of treats. You know what? It's cool. Continue replaying the same board until the video game gods provide something you can work with. It may take in excess of 50 tries, but eventually, things work themselves out, providing you grasp the basic concept of the game and how to use special candy appropriately.

Ask For Lives Whenever Possible

There's a good chance a small number of Facebook friends already play Candy Crush Saga, and it's a great idea to link up with them when it comes to requesting more lives. In all likelihood, they'll need them just as much as you, and should return the favor on a daily basis. This way, you're guaranteed to have at least five lives per day.

Take Your Time

Always remember that every lost life will eventually regenerate. That being the case, and since most puzzles don't feature a constantly ticking clock, feel free to take your time. Not only will this increase the chance of making smart decisions, but you'll also have less time to wait until the next life is available.

Watch Videos On YouTube

Yes, the candies change each time you replay a puzzle, but you can still learn valuable tips on how to complete specific puzzles.

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