Real Racing 3 Money and Management Guide

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This guide will go over everything that you should know about advancing in Real Racing 3 by managing your assets (cars) and money properly. With these tips, you should achieve your goals faster in the game. You will need all the money possible to obtain and accomplish all of the achievements in the game.

Always be on the look out of the various rebates that you can get throughout the game. At the moment there are two main methods that you can get rebates for Real Racing car purchases:

  • 1. Weekly Featured Event Car
  • 2. Special Events such as holidays or special launch
  • 3. Competitions at random if you do not have the car

The best way to get events through competitions is to use the lowest spec car because they are cheaper, continue to use them through a few events until you get 20% offers for the cars that you do not yet own in Real Racing 3. In particular, the 3rd, 6th, and 9th race in a tier will feature cars on sale. However, to take advantage of these rebates, make sure that you always have enough R$ cash on hand.

Buy Multiple Cars As Soon As Possible

To counter the effects of various timers in upgrade or other services, your best bet is to purchase additional cars as soon as you can in the game. By having additional cars, you can beat up one, send it to shop while racing on your other cars. Depending on how much you play, you may need 2 or 3 cars to play comfortably without being stuck on the repair timers in Real Racing 3. This is essential unless you are willing to spend real life currency to speed up the repairs.

Dual Upgrade and Service Together

To save time and further your expansion, always do your car services alongside upgrades. The two time can happen simultaneously so that you can get your car up and running while making it stronger.

Drive Carefully to Avoid Unnecessary Damage

If you do not drive carefully, you may find that your car will more often than not require more money in repairs. At the beginning of the race when all the opponent cars are bundled together, try to find shortcuts and avoid those collisions. By avoiding the obvious hits to your car, you ca save a bundle of money in Real Racing 3 while avoiding lengthy repair times. This is a powerful tip to have especially for a beginner in the game.

Focus Your Real Racing 3 Upgrade Efforts

Always try to win as many races as you possibly can with the minimum car upgrades possible. As you play further into the game and through the series, you will note and realize your weaknesses in certain car specs. Then you can focus you upgrades to boost and fill up your weaknesses. Lastly, focus your upgrades on just one car inside the series until you can finish it, save your money on the car upgrades in the future series. In general, Real Racing drivertrain upgrades offer the best performance per money ratio.

Pick and Choose Your Repairs

Only send your cars to repairs when it is absolutely necessary to do so. There are many repair items in Real Racing 3 that do not need the repair. These include: headlights and brakes.

Race Against Friends for More Money

Add as many friends as you can. You will need to be on the look out for weaker friends or easy wins against particular friends. Race them over and over to earn the maximum amount of money. In addition, you can observe the cars that your friends use as a good indicator on winning against them in friendly matches for money.

Suggested Cars

  • Lower Tiers: Focus RS or Bmw M1 coupe or Nissan Silvia
  • Higher Tiers: Shelby GT500, BMW M6 Coupe
  • Stay Away from These Cars If possible: BMW M3 GTS

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