High School Story Cheats and Tips

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High School Story is a new game for iOS and Android where you run your own brand new high school. You play as either a jock, a nerd, or a prep, and your goal is to grow the school to be the biggest, most happening place by admitting new students, holding sporting events, throwing parties and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for the game.

High School Story Cheats and Tips

It takes a long time to complete parties and other quests, and unless you want to spend all of your Rings to finish quickly, sometimes you’ll end up waiting for half an hour to an hour, or even more when it gets to be later on in High School Story. If you use the time lapse trick to set the time on your phone ahead, though, you can complete parties or anything else in literally a split second. Just go to the date and time settings and add however much time it takes to complete an event or a party.

You can use the same trick to make it so that you easily collect coins from your hangouts. Set the time ahead by many hours for this one, but be aware that when you set the time back to normal, it will temporarily take even longer for the hangouts to have coins for you to collect. The same trick works very well for earning books from the classroom.

High School Story Cheats and Tips

If you want to earn coins rapidly in High School Story, load up your school with nerd hangouts, as they hold 3,500 maximum coins before you have to collect from them. Jock hangouts only hold 1,000 coins maximum. Prep hangouts are a good compromise, though, since they hold 2,000 maximum coins, and they have a maximum of three students (nerd hangouts have only two students).

Whenever you throw a party and meet a new type of student (a combination student), you will be able to put them in one of two types of hangouts. For example, if you throw a party with a jock and a prep you can meet a cheerleader, who can go in a prep or jock hangout. If you throw a jock and nerd party, you can meet a gamer, who can then go in either the jock or nerd hangout.

High School Story Cheats and Tips

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