Game of War - Fire Age Cheats and Tips

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Game of War - Fire Age is a nice take on the mobile MMO, one you can play with friends worldwide. However, in case you need assistance building that ideal kingdom or keeping the crown firmly on your head, here got some tips to help you out.

Game of War - Fire Age Cheats and Tips

Forming alliances is everything. You could try doing things on your own, but chances are a rival army will level you with ease. When you get the chance, weigh your options and partner up as quickly as possible.

Once you are in an alliance, buildings will be easier to put together and upgrade, simply by asking for help from your new friends. By the same token, you should keep your alliance going strong by helping fellow members. Just look under the alliance tab and see how you can help them. You'll earn loyalty points - and gold - for completing both daily and alliance quests.

It pays to keep things balanced with your army. Work on building barracks first, because the more you have, the better you'll be able to recruit and train troops. That means higher numbers, which will make all the difference in battle.

Be careful with your resources. Finding them doesn't automatically add these things to your inventory right away. On the one hand, you don't have immediate access. On the other, they can't be swiped away by the enemy that quickly. Keep them on hand and use them only when necessary, with repair and replenishing your army.

Hospitals are vital to your success. The more you have, the better you'll be able to keep your army at full strength. Without them, you'll have casualties and have to rebuild your army.

Watch out for red dotted lines. This indicates that a rival army is about to take over that territory. Let them move in and do their business. Once they do, and if they don't overtake the area, you can easily move in and finish the job. Watch your numbers, though.

Visiting the forge is a good idea when it comes to giving your character better weapons. New recipes are often available, and provided you have the resources to prepare them, you can make some really cool weaponry. In addition, combining items is also encouraged, as stronger tools can be made as a result.

You immediately enter a peace period at the start of the game, but it won't last long. Make sure you create plenty of hospitals and barracks, and have the necessary number of troops needed to fend off attacks. Once the period ends, you can bet someone will come for you.

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