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With the gaming events like Comic Con and ChinaJoy, you must be dizzy with the abundant gaming information, various cosplay shows and beautiful show girls. Now it is time for you to check out the top 10 new MMOs that showed their stunning features and exciting news this month, even though some of them are not available to play, we have to admit that lots of the amazing new MMOs coming out this month are from the Asian market. Now it's the show time, oh don't forget to pick out your favorite one at last page!

NO.10  Holy King

Holy King is a newly announced action MMORPG based on a popular novel from Perfect World China, now the game has entered another closed beta test on July 30. Totally nine classes from three categories are available for players’ choices, they are: Combat, Mystic and Production.

Here goes the three most stunning features of the game: "Soul Battle"  enables a dead player turning to be a soul to continue fighting, "Soul Shift" can change your soul figure to anything, and the coolest one to "Swallow" anything to strengthen your power, yes anything, your enemy's body, his soul, not enough? Anything you can imagine, monster, scene, NPC, little baby...a little scary though.

NO.9  Dungeon Hero

Just finished its open beta, the 3D animated MMORPG Dungeon Hero is now offcially launched in Korea. The game features hack & slash combat, PvP battles and brief storyline. Now the level cap has risen to 50, six new dungeons, fishing system and rune system are also unveiled.

The main features of Dungeon Hero includes a strengthened guild system and improved social system, and the game will support a 100 Vs 100 guild battle. You can learn new skills, accept new quests and trade in the villages and towns but as the game's name suggests, most of your adventure will take place in hundreds of dungeons. Sadly there's no news for the English server yet.

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