EVE Player Loses Most Expensive Ship in Combat

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Recentely, a member of the EVE corporation Habitual Euthanasia (alliance Pandemic Legion) lost his Revenant Supercarrier in a battle with members of Black Legion. Is it a big deal? If I tell you that Revenant Supercarrier is the most expensive ship in EVE and there were only three of these ships, how do you feel that? The loss of the ship is about more than $8,000 in US dollars!

Long sentence? Sorry, I am over excited, not about the loss, but the ugly look of the ship. :X

I wonder that why anyone would risk taking such an expensive and rare ship into a potentially lethal situaiton. That said, most EVE players know that simply logging in and leaving dock is risky and potentially costly.

So what happened? It’s a bit hard to tell at present, but listening to the Soundcloud file (WARNING very harsh language and comments).



source: GameBreaker

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