CABAL Online Debuts On Steam Greenlight

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More and more games are heading for Steam to reach a wider range of players, so is the classical action MMORPG Cabal Online. ESTsoft has announced the start of their campaign for CABAL Online on Valve's Steam Greenlight program.

CABAL Online has redefined what is possible in the MMO genre, showing the world that players don't need to sacrifice fast action combat and scintillating visual prowess when engaging with friends and foes in a massive online world. CABAL Online's unique gameplay, intuitive combo system, expansive world, constant flow of new content, and specific attention to fostering communities at each level of play has ensured its continued relevance and admiration among the MMO community.

CABAL Online's availability on Steam, the world's leading digital distribution platform for games, will ensure an influx of new allies and enemies to interact with for existing players, special rewards for early supporters, and ensures increased continued development of new game content and features. ESTsoft's history of providing a continuous flow of original new content for a game that offers a truly unique gameplay experience has elevated CABAL Online to cult status among its fans and followers.

We are aiming to show the world that there is a place for quality free-to-play MMO experiences on this platform. Your support not only helps shape the future of CABAL Online, it helps shape the ecosystem of products we see available today on Steam. This is a stand for polished and feature-filled free-to-play games, and this is a stand for the model of continuous development," said Torin J. Ratowski of ESTsoft Inc. "Our success is due to the support of our players and our fans. Listening to their feedback and continuously improving our product has ensured their continued support and our continued success. This kind of developer/consumer relationship needs to be more commonplace in the modern game-space, and I believe Valve understands that."

As the campaign continues, ESTsoft will release more information about exclusive perks available to early supporters, along with tips and suggestions for supporting CABAL Online on Greenlight. If you like Cabal Online, you can support it on Steam Greenlight by visiting the official page here.

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