Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes Heading to Android

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Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is a game slated for release soon onto iOS with Android, PC and consoles getting a copy of the game next year. This particular game meshes heavy metal music with a fantasy theme and places it in an endless side-scrolling brawler type of game.

The game itself is actually the brainchild of British guitarist and comic creator Llexi Leon, players will have to fight relentless amounts of monsters as you try to make your way to Hell, all with a heavy metal soundtrack banging in the background. The heavy metal aspect to this game is really focused upon with musicians from other heavy metal bands making cameo appearances throughout the game.

The soundtrack, if you are familiar with heavy metal, will feature original songs from bands such as Joe Satriani, Arch Enemy, Wayne Static, Periphery, Andrew W.K. to name a few. Unfortunately though, iOS will be getting the game first this year while everyone else has to wait. The good news is, even though we have to wait, we can at least see how it will play on mobile from the iOS version ahead of time.

Source: androidnews

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