Chinese Player Forges Government Documents for Game Account, Gets Caught

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A Chinese man thought it would be a good idea to forge government documents as a means to regain control of his online account for a MOBA game, according to Wenzhou Online. The Hangzhou, Zhejiang province resident, identified in the report only as "Zou," contacted the makers of the MOBA game Dream Three Kingdoms Online (Hangzhou Dianhun) asking it to reset the login and password after he was locked out of his account. He claimed that the account he legally paid for was locked down because of a password change by someone other than himself.

A customer service rep. at the company allegedly told Zou that the local security bureau could provide a letter on his behalf stating his ownership of the game. But it turns out that Zou purchased the account second hand, and therefore did not have the details needed to submit to officials. Realizing that he was out of luck, he decided to forge a letter from the bureau, but incorrectly named the seal on the document. He should have written "Nanpu Public Security Bureau," but instead wrote "PuNan Public Security Bureau" and labeled the document with the incorrect department title. After receiving the letter, the company contacted authorities and Zou was arrested.

He is being detained for at least a week in jail and is facing charges of forging an official seal and document.


via: GamePolitics

Source: Kotaku by way of Polygon


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