RIFT Player Made Warfront In the Works

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RIFT's Creative Director, Bill Fisher, joined the podcast to discuss the recent transition to free-to-play and answer a series of reader-submitted questions. In discussing the dimension system, Bill dropped a bombshell: the next addition to dimensions may be player-made warfronts.

Trion has heard player's requests for more inventive, customizable PvP, and more varied uses for dimensions. "A lot of people have said they want to have their own 5v5 tournaments, they want to have their own 10v10s, whatever they want to do, we're looking at making that possible." Should the design come to fruition, Bill described a system where players set re-spawn points and rule sets with using simple building blocks within the already powerful dimension editor.

He cautions listeners that nothing is set in stone. "We have a lot of crazy ideas," he explains. "We look at a lot of suggestions from the players and we go 'can we pull this off in a reasonable time frame at a quality level we're going to be happy with?' and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out." Still, the enthusiasm in his voice was palpable and one could conclude that this is something that RIFT's Creative Director is excited about.


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