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Welcome to MMOsite This Week! Here we list weekly hot news for you. During this week, lots of news and information of MMOs have been released. Now check them out.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn final beta phase 3 Test is now live! Has everybody got a key? Riot Games has released more details about League of Legend's upcoming champion Lucian, the Purifier. Here a Lucian Guide for those who feel curious about him. After turning to F2P model, ArcheAge Economic System changes. Many players say that current ArcheAge is what they really want.

Chinajoy is just around the corner, many Asian MMORPGs show off their highlights in advance. Fantasy Frontier kicks off its first closed beta in Taiwan. If you are not familiar with this 3D Animated MMORPG, you can read Fantasy Frontier Features Preview here. Meanwhile, Phantasy Star Online 2 plans to release in several Asian countries in 2014. It will highlight the cultural differences of each territory through unique items and events. Besides, the action MMORPG Moonlight Blade (CN) has Introduced Day and Night System.

No more worrying about lack of games to play for several Korean new MMOs springing up this week. Korean developer Magics has announced their new AOS MMO: Cronix Online. Developed for four years, Cronix features PvP and lots of PvP modes. Another Korean company Aurora Games also unveiled their cel-shaded MMORPG Hench, which may kick off closed beta at the end of July and open beta within 2013. Superpower Themed MMOFPS KLASH: Psychic Warfare has confirmed that Pang Game will be its publisher in Korea. Kingdom Under Fire Online: Age of Storm will enter final stress test on July 31 and open beta on August 8th in Korea.

However, It is really not easy for a new game to survive in the fierce game market. Netmarble decided to retire Arcane Saga which was just officially launched last month. It should be a sad news for those who enjoy the game.

Blade and Soul fans look over here! Chinese developer Tencent has made an official announcement for an upcoming Large Scale CBT followed by OBT. Do you want to have a try? Maybe you should register a China Blade and Soul Account and join the Blade and Soul Guess event to win a Activation Code.

Finally, an interesting news for you. A 23 year-old Swedish gamer named Felix Kjellberg, whose PewDiePie channel is devoted to "sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my bros", generated just under 50 million views over a week. Why is this video so popular? Go find the answer yourself.

Mobile Game News

Here we are at the mobile game section: Deus Ex: The Fall is available now. Try this new first-person shooter title to find if it is as good as Human Revolution. Have you been long waiting for Plants vs. Zombies 2 to come? I will tell you it is coming soon, because Plants vs. Zombies 2 is now available for download from the New Zealand and Australian App Stores. Be sure to check out Classic RPG Collection: We Need A Hero to find your favorite mobile RPG game.

Event News

To celebrate MMOsite 8th Anniversary, we've held some activities such as Dragon Nest free item key giveaway event and Avatar Star free item key giveaway event. MMOsite also teamed up with Tantra Online (PH) to give away free item keys. Not only that, Aeria Games is giving away Eden Eternal Reawakening Gift Pack on MMOsite. Are there Siege on Stars players? don't miss the SoS OB Starter Kit Giveaway Event.

Photo News

      MMOsite Morning Call           BnS Costume Design Contest          Forsaken World Cosplay

Video News

    WildStar DevSpeak Video        Sura Online Gameplay Videos         Gloria Victis New Trailer

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