Wearable Mobile Device Will Break Out First in Game Area

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This year Google began limited testing of its Google Glass wearable mobile device. The company is preparing to deliver new game experiences on current mobile devices and future wearable technology. It is no doubt that there is going to be a lot of competition in the space and a rapid development around the style, look, feel and capabilities of these devices.

Mind Pirate is also heading to this area with its upcoming device, “eyephones” they called.

“Eyephones will replace iPhones”, Mind Pirate chief executive officer Shawn Hardin talked to GamesIndustry International.

"We have a strongly held point of view that as the form factor, device capability, lightweight design of these devices move through very quick and iterative cycles, we think they're going to become broadly appealing and deliver value in many use cases. We think the entertainment and game area is likely to be the first major breakout space."

Hardin notes that smartphones have an array of sensors that can record location, orientation, inclination, proximity, sound, and video. He calls these capabilities "essential technologies" for the wearable space, where devices will no longer have touch screens.

As part of its gaming drive, Mind Pirate has acquired Amazing Ants developer Twyngo. The game had 2 million installs in its first 11 days on the market, and Hardin feels confident in the team's ability to deliver new gaming experiences. The team is working on Mind Pirate's first game for Android and iOS devices, coming this fall.

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Source: GameIndustry

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