A Look at Player-Created Houses from WildStar Beta

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Carbine Studios has added a robust housing system to WildStar. All races and classes can have a unique house as their own personal living space. As a way to show off the flexibility and potential for WildStar's housing, Carbine Studios challenged closed beta testers to come up with the coolest, wackiest, or most creative pad. The winners of this housing creation contest will receive a special Housing Trophy.

Below is a selection of houses that have won the contest for CBT2. The awards include The Coolest Ceiling, The Jump Scare, Best Bartender (And Hat), and others, check it out.

The Jump Scare Award:

Best Loft Space:

Best Bartender (And Hat):

Best Arms Dealer This Side of The Fringe:

The Houseception Award:

The Coolest Ceiling Award:

Head over to see more WildStar Beta Houses.

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