Arcane Saga Online: The world of Prius Has Opened Its Doors Once Again

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Last year many Prius fans were in shocked after Gpotato announced that one of its most known titles was about to get shut down. Prius Online was, in fact one of those games which had a huge fan base, and that’s why many gamers were hugely disappointed when they finally got to know that the Gpotato  service was about to be terminated  in 2012. Fortunately, for those unlucky angry souls who were pledging for a Prius come back, your prayers were heard.

Since, the whole game just came back to life. Arcane Saga which is the new name of this popular Mmorpg just hit the markets once again by Netmarble. A company which is well known for its great history-naval based Mmorpg ‘Uncharted Waters’. The whole game’s concept is back, with a revamped skill system, and many new features that we will review this time.  Get ready, because the animas and Gigas are finally back in this new exciting adventure.

Arcane Saga: The Battle for Prius Survival

Unlike many other kind of Mmorpgs, Arcane Saga tells the story of a young Star Creator who wanted to create a planet; a perfect one in which him and his woman ‘Ira ‘, could live forever. Unfortunately, as an inexperienced Star Creator, he didn’t have the resources to make his dream come true. Consequently, he asked Ira for planet seeds (a special resource which was needed to create a Planet); since she had no clue about his true intentions she decided to give him 1 seed.

And this is when Hool’s ambition started to grow, as for he needed more Planet Seeds to achieve a perfect planet structure; the fact that he didn’t tell Ira that the planet he was making, would have a huge exploitation system was making him guilty. But he went on with his Planet Project, and with the first seed he gathered, he created a bottom planet, and with the second one, he broke it in three pieces and planted them. These ones turned into Trees and leaves, and then out of nowhere three magical creatures emerged from them.  Animas, Imagos and Vies; these cute fairies had different responsibilities in Hool’s new Planet: Anima protected Prius, Imago beautified Prius, and Vie gave advice to Hool.

After a while, Ira knew about Hool’s true intentions, and in revenge she summoned 5 demons to destroy Prius. This leaded Anima which is Prius’s protector, to Summon 5 Heroes from different races; their mission was indeed to protect the planet from destruction and war. As a result, a huge battle is still being held in the world of Prius, in which its protectors must save the planet from destruction and monstrous creatures.

Graphic and Sound Systems

The game’s graphics are well-detailed, since we’ll be able to find beautiful vast lands, and cute mature-looking characters. Characters textures and nature details are well shown in this game, in which cuteness plays a huge role in our adventure. Plus, if we aren’t able to run the game in highest settings, we can change the game’s resolution anytime.

The game’s graphics are well- polished; this surely makes it even more enjoyable.

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