A 20-year-old Girl Obssed with Cosplay

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Daily Mail just reported that Katie Lawrence, from Camberwell, London, dresses in petticoats and pastel colours and admits to being obsessed with cosplay, especially dressing up like a doll.

This 20-year-old art student lives every single day as a human doll - spending three hours each day and more than £200 a month on make-up perfecting the look as Anime characters from Japanese street culture.

The girl spends hours studying Japanese culture and video games which inspire her look, and scours London markets for outfits which she wears with exaggerated makeup to give her an artificial appearance. Katie has five outfits costing around £80 each which she gets from stalls in Camden market. However, she says most of the money she gets from part time modelling jobs is spent on makeup. She said: "I spend more than £200 a month on makeup but for me it’s essential. I have thousands of products and use two foundations on my face at the same time."

Katie’s makeup addiction began when she was 11, when her mother Jill Lawrence, 54, introduced her to lipgloss.

But Katie, who went to strict private school King’s in Worcester where she grew up, wasn’t allowed to wear makeup in the classroom. It wasn’t until Katie left school that she felt she could finally be herself.

Katie said: 'Even though I was bullied at school for being individual, I never wanted to conform.

After leaving school Katie created her own YouTube channel Iska Ithil to show her 10,000 followers how to achieve her look. When she walked down the street dressed like this people did a double take - some even asked to have their picture taken with her. But as well as being a way of expressing her creative side, Katie says her doll-like appearance often attracts attention from the opposite sex.


Katie admits she owes her confidence to her mother who has always supported the way she dresses. She said: 'I was really lucky that my mum let me dress like this from a young age. However, her mother said: "But if she needed to in order to survive, I think her look would be a problem for her, and I just think that’s sad.


source: Daily Mail


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