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This month sees lots of new updates going live, some MMOs seem to tantalize their fans by heading to the launch time quite slow. But don't worry, we'll always offer you some new games for your choice, maybe some of them are not available right now, but getting the latest information of the new games will definitely give you joy and excitement! Now check out the new MMO collection this month!

NO.10 Condor: ZERO

Another epic Chinese Wuxia MMO is coming! Perfect World has officially announced its first self-developed non-target action MMORPG Condor: ZERO. ZERO actually stands for Zealous, Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Open, which is the core concept of the game. Now the game is in closed beta in China, you can check out the game trailer below.

Condor: ZERO will bring players to fantasy world where they will be able to visit various iconic locations and join several clans: the Beggar Sect, Quanzhen Clan, Shaolin Monastery, Peach Blossom Island, Kingdom of Dali and White Camel Valley. Perfect World is preparing for a big event at ChinaJoy 2013 coming this July. Stay tuned!


NO. 9  Beat Online

The newly announced Korean MMORPG Beat Online is a casual game mainly target for female players. The game is a fantasy MMORPG combined with eastern and western elements with the unique features of the farming social aspect where you can raise pets and grow your own farm and stuff which might remind you of ArcheAge.

NOX Entertainment's Beat Online is developed mostly by female developers, they get better understanding of female gamers' needs and preferences. The game not only features intense combat fightngs, but also adorable pets which are the favorite for female players. More than 50% of the beta testers are female, yet it doesn't stop the male players from playing the game. Check out them gameplay trailers below.

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