Bungie Talks about Real-money Options for Destiny

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In the latest Space Mail Sack Magic, Bungie has talked about how real-world currency will be used in its 2014 shooter Destiny. In the developer's latest Mail Sack feature, a user asked what impact real-life money will have on the in-game world--if it is used at all--to which Bungie offered the following response.
"What we can tell you right now is that the rewards you will gain by playing Destiny--and playing it well--will be earned," Bungie said. "You will carve them from the hides of your enemies, after you stomp them into the ground of your favorite destinations."

Destiny publisher Activision is no stranger to microtransactions for its major online-focused franchises. The company recently introduced micropayments to Call of Duty, while Diablo III and World of Warcraft both support real-world money through auction houses, among other features.

Elsewhere in the feature, Bungie explained that Destiny is in a pre-alpha state of development, meaning, "the game is alive, but not fully grown." The studio added that it continues to explore new ideas for the game and said "there's a lot more work left to do."

Destiny is officially due out in 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Though the game is cross-generational, Bungie has said all versions of the game will contain the "full vision" of the gameworld.

Source: Gamespot

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