DotA 2 Is Transitioning Into Launch Mode

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Valve is now approaching the two year anniversary of Dota 2’s limited release, so the team is busy preparing for the launch of the game. However, according to the latest official blog, this time Valve is going to take a different approach to the launch of Dota 2 than previous titles.

Valve aims to create little disruption for the existing Dota 2 audience, to bring new players into a system that will work reliably, and to not immediately melt down all of datacenters. So the first step is to release a larger set of training features, and retire the existing Dota 2 Invites. The combination of these two things makes now the best time to use any remaining Dota 2 Invites you have to bring your friends in that are unfamiliar with the game. After that, all users will be allowed to join in.

There are several parts of the backend infrastructure that Valve will be keeping an eye on as the number of users increases. One is the Game Coordinator, the others are the Dota 2 game servers. Dota 2 is the largest community that we’ve ever had on Steam, and it is about to get larger. The develp team hopes to bring the best game to their supporters and Dota 2 will continue to move forward, just like it always has.  Head for the official website to read the full post.

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