E3 Review: Take a Closer Look at Sandbox MMO Black Desert

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As E3 comes to the end, lot of games have showed off their stunning highlights to gamers. Black Desert, this Korean fantasy sanbox MMO has come into our views for a long time and did attract our attention. Nice graphics, grand scenes and cool combat gave us the desire to dig out the fun in this game. Here we share you guys with an in-depth look at Black Desert from Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG/MMOHut General Manager. Find out why Pearl Abyss is the developer with the vision to change everything!

Introduction to Pearl Abyss’ World Vision

For starters do you know anything about Black Desert? If not it’s key to know this game is aiming to be the definition of the often used yet almost always improperly labeled “Next-Gen” MMORPG. Console level graphics, smooth action gameplay, and huge castle raid PvP battles set the stage for a game that introduces elements such as real estate management, item manufacturing, dangerous transportation of goods, and plenty of other elements to make the world feel vibrant and realistic. However don’t confuse realism with tedious gameplay elements as many sandbox titles before it have failed to understand. Players will be able to hire NPCs to take care of some of the less enjoyable elements of crafting while they focus on the action and fun!

In terms of combat itself, it’s important to understand that quite a few members of the Pearl Abyss team were involved with developing C9. As such you can impact real impact to follow attacks with a physics engine capable of rendering these animations in real time in an open world setting, rather than C9’s instanced system. This action physics combat system is obviously very cutting edge and wasn’t even a possibility during C9’s development era.

Now if you’re worried that by the time Black Desert reaches the west (an understable concern since sometimes it takes up to four years after Korean launch for some MMOs to hit stateside and even longer in Europe), there’s a key element that will leave you waiting for Black Desert. This isn’t another Unreal 3 or CryEngine MMORPG pushing FPS engines into the MMO realm. Pearl Abyss built a custom engine from the ground up to allow for their large scale castle siege system to take place smoothly in a persistent world. Their current challenge now is scaling the engine to run smoothly on lower-end PCs without ruining the beautiful experience that high-end PCs can currently experience in the game.

One of the primary limitations so far seems to be limited to land-based combat only. Though Pearl Abyss won’t count out future water or air combat systems, they currently are focused on trial and error tests to get the core combat system up to the “Next-Gen” level before even considering it.

Roleplayers and those that prefer to know what kind of story exists for the setting can expect some rather typical elements such as ‘two nations’ and ‘endless war.’ This exists between the spiritually focused citizens of the Kingdom of Valencia against the materialistic Republic of Calpheon. These two nations have recently begun battling for control of the world’s most powerful resource, Black Stone, found within the expansive desert that separates the two nations. However where you would expect players of these two nations to be locked in endless faction war, Pearl Abyss seems to hint at plans that taking sides between the two nations might not be as black and white as one would expect. Yes Pkers that means open PvP is included with assuredly some limitations involved. Overall the focus on warfare between guilds will be the primary storyline of the game, created by the players – for the players.

Pearl Abyss is aiming to set their title in a world not unlike the period of transition from the middle-ages to renaissance in Europe and western Eurasia. This is well represented in the cultural differences driving the two nations apart as well as the technology, fashion, and siege weaponry you’re going to come across in your travels. The choice of placing the majority of the world within a vast desert was done for the purpose of capturing an atmosphere of harsh mystery and ancient ruins waiting to be discovered. Combined with the addition of magic and war over resources should strike the playerbase and send chills down your spine as great treasure or murderous foes might wait behind each sand dune.

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